Welcome to Arbour Counselling Centre.

We are a group of counselling professionals dedicated to helping people grow through their journey in life.  We all approach life with hope and expectation, but sometimes events, transitions, or challenges come our way that prove to be more difficult than we anticipated.  We at Arbour have received special training to help walk with you through times like these.  We're trained to listen well, to offer objective and honest feedback, and to work with and along side you in your steps toward growth and wellness.

At Arbour our mission is to provide the highest quality care with the best trained professionals, and we do so in a manner that recognizes that we are whole people:  mind, body, and spirit.  We are here for the long haul, with a long-term commitment to serve the Greater Victoria community of British Columbia.

We hope that Arbour can be a part of your efforts to care for yourself and your loved ones.   


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Arbour Counselling Office

Tel:  250.479.9912    Fax:  250.704.0588

4277 Quadra St . Victoria . BC . V8X 1L5

4277 Quadra Street . Victoria . BC . V8X1L5 . (250) 479-9912

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