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Articles by Arbour's Counsellors


The Work of Connection

© 2017, Liz Prette, M.A., RCC

Connection and Conflict

© 2017, Richard Routledge, M.A., RCC

Life Roles

© 2016, Amy Mills-Guest, M.C., RCC

The Way Forward

© 2016, Richard Routledge, M.A., RCC

A Matter of Faith: How world views that include religion can fit into counselling

© 2016, Carolyn Camilleri, from BCACC Insights Magazine, with contributions by Joel Durkovic

Why Parents Matter Most

© 2016, Darcy Harbour, M.A., RCC

"My Story": A Simple Mindfulness Tool in Couples' Communication

© 2016, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC, RMFT

Navigating Loss with Honesty

© 2015, Daryl Thomson, M.A., RCC


Overwhelmed by Emotion:

Managing Strong Feelings Consciously

© 2015, Jacqueline Nikolejsin, M.Ed., RCC


Compassionate Curiosity and Self Reflection

© 2015, Amy Mills-Guest, M.C., RCC


Emotional Trauma and Change to Self Image

© 2015, Richard Routledge, M.A., RCC


Understanding in Communication:

Assigning Accurate Meaning to What We Hear

© 2014, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC


What Is Emotional Abuse?

© 2014, Liz Prette, M.A., RCC


Working on Your Relationship

© 2013, Richard Routledge, M.A., RCC


Context and Language

© 2013, Mark deLeeuw, M.A., Candidate for M.A. in Counselling


Understanding and Changing Self-Esteem

© 2012, Jacqueline Nikolejsin, M.Ed., RCC


The Power of Group Therapy:  But is it for me?

© 2012, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC, RMFT


Being Understood: The Scoop on Assertiveness

the first of a two-part article on communication

© 2011, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC, RMFT


Counselling Children: Some Questions and Answers

© 2011, Josie deGreef, M.A., RCC


Closeness Through Fighting?

Achieving Productive Conflict with your Partner.

© 2009, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC, RMFT


Identity Crises:  Shaped by Culture.  

© 2009, Joel Durkovic, M.A., RCC, RMFT


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