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Three types of cases, and how we set the case rate for each:


1.  Self-Pay (including those who will utilize an extended benefits plan for reimbursement)

This is probably the most common case type.  Here the client pays for the counselling service at the time of the appointment.  Some will have an extended benefits plan to which they can submit their receipts for reimbursement if their plan covers Registered Clinical Counsellors.


       Will the client pay for the counselling from his or her own source of income?

  • The sliding scale case rate is based on the client's gross combined household income.

  • If the person paying is related to the client, then the sliding scale case rate is based on the paying person's gross combined household income.  The most common occurrence is when a parent pays for a child’s counselling.

  • If the person paying is not related to the client, then this would be considered a third-party donation.  Here, the sliding scale case rate is based on the client's gross combined household income, not the donor's.  Refer to case type #3 below.


Cases billed to a Third-Party Organization or Individual

For cases where our office must bill a third-party payer for the service received, we set our case rate in one of two ways.  We distinguish between two types of third-party payers:  1) those whose organizational mandate is to provide financial coverage for counselling services and are thus paying a benefit, claim, or grant, and  2) those who are offering a true donation or bursary to help defray the cost of counselling for an individual or family.  Arbour’s policy is to set the case rate for each of these as follows:


2.  Billed to a Third-Party Organization for a Benefit, Claim, or Grant

Our base rate begins at $120 + GST and carries a potential additional $10 or $20 surcharge if the client’s annual household income falls above $85,000 or $100,000, respectively.  Thus, the case rate is one of $120, $130, or $140.  We will bill the 3rd party organization for the benefit portion they offer, and the client will pay the remainder of the fee at the time of the session, if applicable.  Once the benefit is exhausted, if a client wishes to continue as a self-paying client, the case rate will be re-negotiated using the sliding scale.


3.  Billed to a Third-Party for a Donation or Bursary


The sliding scale case rate is based on the client’s gross combined household income.  A donation or bursary must be from an entity that is arms-length from the client (i.e., cannot be from a relative).  Most commonly a bursary will come from a church, but it can also be a donation from an individual or other organization.

Please direct the person who has the authority to approve a bursary to our Bursary Notification Page.  We request that any new bursary be approved through this method of communication to our office.  Thank you!

Gross Annual Combined
Household Income*
under $50,000
$50,000 - $57,999
$58,000 - $65,999
$66,000 - $73,999
$74,000 - $84,999
$85,000 - $100,000
over $100,000
per 50-min
$80 + GST
$90 + GST
$100 + GST
$110 + GST
$120 + GST
$130 + GST
$140 + GST

Arbour rates for counselling: 


Arbour sets the fee for a 50-minute counselling session by using a sliding scale.  This scale is based on a client's gross combined household income and on what we call the "case type".  Keep reading for a description of each case type below.

* Gross Combined Household Income
  • Gross means income before deductions are applied.  Line 150 from T1.  If the client is a shareholder of a corporation, include corporate profits as income.
  • Combined Household depicts all income that the client benefits from, directly or indirectly.  The most common situation is where the client benefits from the income of a spouse or partner, even if they maintain separate accounts or manage their finances separately.

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