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The gift of a child in our midst is a true blessing.  What greater privilege exists than to provide a home to nurture these unique and special creatures we call our children, yet who are their very own distinct persons?  In our following newsletter, two of Arbour's therapists offer a glimpse into some of the nitty gritty of parenting challenges and skills.

Thank you for your continued interest in Arbour Counselling's work in Greater Victoria, BC.


Calm in the Eye of our Child's Emotional Storm



Children experience life unfiltered. Their emotions can appear fast and furious, then switch suddenly. Our children learn how to handle their difficult feelings by watching how the adults in their lives weather our storms. Parents can model how to accept all feelings as okay. Children need to learn healthy ways to express their feelings so they can move towards letting difficult feelings go.


The Balance and Art of Parenting



One of the great advantages of living in the Pacific Northwest is the accessibility that we have to the ocean. A while ago, my friends became captivated with surfing and began to head out every Saturday morning to catch some waves. They convinced me to join them in these amazing "dawn patrol" sessions. And so, somewhat reluctantly, I would head out at 5am, drive up the west coast of Vancouver Island, don a wetsuit, and jump into the icy water.

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