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UPDATED March 2022 - As COVID restrictions are diminishing across our province and mask mandates have been removed, we are working to maintain a balanced position that takes into account the comfort level of our clients and our therapists on a case-by-case basis.  As such, if any person in a session requests for all who are present to wear a mask, we ask that this stance be respected by all.   Otherwise, we no longer require mask-wearing throughout the counselling session.  Hello again to smiles that can be seen!

We continue to offer the option of either remote counselling or in-person counselling.  You can read our detailed COVID Safety Plan, but we wanted to simply describe what you can expect to the flow of an in-person session.  We hope that this description will help you ascertain whether you'd prefer to come in-person or meet remotely:

Booking an appointment

For existing clients, your online booking account will allow you to choose between an in-person session or a remote video/phone session.  The first time you book an in-person appointment, you will receive an email link to complete this in-person consent form that delineates the protocols we will ask you to follow as well as the protocols we will follow.  If you are not comfortable with the protocols, we suggest you book a remote session instead.


Pre-session Symptom Checklist

Two days before your in-person appointment, you will receive an email reminder of your appointment with a link to our pre-session checklist.  Please review this pre-session symptom checklist before each session, as it will give you time to change your plans if you have any symptoms of COVID.  If you develop any of the symptoms on this checklist leading up to your appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment.  We will waive any late fees in these circumstances.


Upon Arrival to Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, remain in your car, or wait outside our front door in the covered vestibule.  Your therapist will come out to invite you in at your appointment time.  Our front door will remain locked and our waiting room is closed.  

Since our space has some narrow passageways, we have established these movement protocols to maintain safe distance for pre-session, to-session, and post-session, and we'll  guide you through them.  We offer a pump of sanitation gel on your way into the therapy room.

Wipe Down Protocols

Our disinfecting protocols have relaxed somewhat, yet we continue to wash our hands regularly and wipe down surfaces that are commonly touched, such as door handles and table surfaces.  See our updated  wipe-down protocols for more information.  Thanks for helping us keep our appointment times to 50 minutes so we have time to finish the wipe-downs between appointment times.


Again, thanks for working with us to help us keep our office space open safely for in-person counselling.  If you have any concerns or observations, please bring them to our attention, and we'll work to address them in a timely manner. 

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