As of Nov 19, 2020 we updated our protocols to require mask-wearing for any movement through our office area before and after sessions for both clients and therapists.  Once seated in your session at a safe distance and with the therapist behind a protective screen, masks can be removed.  We ask that you re-don your mask at the end of the session to move through and out of our office.

We continue to offer the option of either remote counselling or in-person counselling.  Please be aware that the number of in-person sessions available may be quite limited depending on the therapist. We have to follow some pretty strict protocols, so please read on to see if this is a fit for you.

You can read our detailed COVID Safety Plan, but we wanted to simply describe the basic changes you can expect to the flow of an in-person session.  We hope that this description will help you ascertain whether you'd prefer to come in-person or meet remotely:

Booking an appointment

For existing clients, your online booking account will allow you to choose between an in-person session or a remote video/phone session.  The first time you book an in-person appointment, you will receive an email link to complete this in-person consent form that delineates the protocols we will ask you to follow as well as the protocols we will follow.    If you are not comfortable with the protocols, we suggest you book a remote session instead.


Pre-session Symptom Checklist

Two days before your in-person appointment, you will receive an email reminder of your appointment with a link to our pre-session checklist.  Please review this pre-session symptom checklist before each session, as it will give you time to change your plans if you are sick, have been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or if you've had contact with someone with suspected COVID-19.  If you develop any of the symptoms on this checklist leading up to your appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment.  We will waive any late fees in these circumstances.


Upon Arrival to Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, remain in your car, or wait outside our front door in the covered vestibule.  Our front door will remain locked and our waiting room is closed.  Our bathroom is also closed to clients.  We will come outside to get you at your appointment time, at which time we'll do a quick symptom check-list and then invite you in.  Please wear a mask until you are seated to begin your session, and at the end of your session, re-don your mask to move through and out of our office.

Since our space has some narrow passageways, we have established  these movement protocols for pre-session, to-session, and post-session, and we'll  guide you through them.  We'll ask you to use a pump of sanitation gel on your way into the therapy room.

Therapy Room

For our downstairs therapy rooms, we have created a plexiglass shield on caster wheels to roll between client and therapist so we don't have to wear masks.  Upstairs, we have a larger room we can use, so no plexiglass is needed.  You may have a choice between rooms, but you also may not, depending on our shared room use.  

Wipe Down Protocols

We have established a routine of wipe-down protocols to keep our surfaces disinfected.  Thanks for helping us keep our appointment times to 50 minutes so we have time to finish the wipe-downs between appointment times.


Again, thanks for working with us to help us keep our office space open safely for in-person counselling.  If you have any concerns or observations, please bring them to our attention, and we'll work to address them in a timely manner.