Wipe-Down protocols are listed for post-session, staff-only common areas, and end-of-day:

Post-session Wipe-Down Protocols

  • chairs, door handles, counter surfaces touched, CC/Debit machine (upon restart of in-person payments), bathroom (if used in emergency).  If upstairs, stairwell banisters.

  • wash hands in soap and water

Staff-Only Common Area Wipe-Down Protocols

  • Bathroom

After each use, wipe down toilet seat, toilet handle, sink handles, light switch, door handles.

  • Kitchenette and Storage Cabinets

After each use, wipe down sink handles, cabinet handles, coffee machine

If putting away clean dishes or cups, wash hands before touching clean dishes.

  • Admin Area

After each use, wipe down keyboard, mouse, phone, printer, drawer handles, CC/Debit Machine (when re-opened), chair, counter surfaces.

  • wash hands in soap and water



End-of-Day Wipe-Down Protocols

  • Equipment 

iPad, Pencil, land line telephone, photocopier buttons, CC/Debit machine, admin computer keyboard and mouse, coffee machine. 

  • Handles/Switches

Door handles, cabinet and drawer handles, sink handles and soap dispensers, toilet handles, light switches, and security panel keypad. 

  • Surfaces

Countertop surfaces, chairs surfaces, plexiglas barriers, upstairs stairwell banister

  • wash hands in soap and water