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Thank you for your willingness to support an Arbour client with a bursary for counselling services.  We ask that you submit the following form as an indication of your approval and a communication of the bursary amount that Arbour can bill your organization.  This page is intended only for those who have the authority to approve a bursary on the part of their organization.  We are familiar with most of the organizations in our community that offer bursaries, so if we don't recognize your name, we will simply call to acquaint ourselves with you.


You will receive an immediate email confirming receipt of this form.  Arbour will then contact you with a client code, but only once the client sets up his or her initial appointment.  It is safe to assume that the client has not booked an appointment if you do not receive a code.  That code will be used in all billing communications to protect the client's confidentiality. 

We have compiled a few thoughts regarding our experience of how to help clients make the best use of a bursary for counselling services.  Please click on the PDF link to read our guide.  Your comments and feedback are most welcome.  Thanks again!

Counselling Bursaries:  A Guide for Donating Entities

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