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Registered Clinical Counsellor #22140


Beth enjoys working with youth, adults, and couples, with a decade of social services work in Victoria. Her experiences as a program leader in outdoor education and as a manager in the social services sector has given her opportunity to interact with people from many walks of life. She is passionate about affirming people in their development of self-esteem and self-identity.


Beth has worked with youth and adults with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities, and cares deeply about equity and equal access. She has experience navigating with people through a variety of stresses including mental health diagnoses, BPD, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, diverse- or dis-ability, and anxiety. Beth is skilled in helping couples enhance their communication with one another and manage the complexities of relationship with care and empathy.

Shaped by her life and professional experience, Beth’s counselling approach is both collaborative and person-centred.  She sees that there are many paths to a full life and celebrates them all. Concepts of Rogerian, Narrative, and Solution-Focused therapies influence Beth’s work as a counsellor.  Beth can hold space for life’s joys as well as sorrows, sometimes at the same time, and she always leaves room for the unexpected.

Beth holds a Bachelors of Psychology and a Certificate in Human Services from the University of Victoria.  She received her Masters in Counselling at City University in 2023 and is a registered member of the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Beth spends much of her time exploring beautiful places on Vancouver Island, can spend an entire afternoon reading in the sun, and is disproportionately proud of her small vegetable garden. 


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