Please note that our protocols were modified on November 19, 2020 to adhere to new recommendations on mask-wearing in common areas.


Movement Protocols are established that adhere to occupancy limits and distancing rules.  Protocols pathways and routines for pre-session, to-session, and post-session include:


  • Both therapist and client are required to wear a mask while moving to the counselling room. 

  • Therapist opens door wide and stands outside offering safe distance for client to enter.

  • Before entering, therapist asks checklist questions to client.  If protocols not met, therapist invites client to alternative remote session (phone from car, Doxy from car, or re-schedule)


  • Therapist instructs client to enter the office and proceed directly to therapy room after utilizing provided sanitation gel on counter.

  • If going upstairs, therapist instructs client to proceed up the stairwell and to utilize sanitation gel on counter upon entering the large room

  • Therapist follows behind client at safe distance

  • If upstairs, (therapist closes doors behind after passing through)

  • Mask may be removed for session


  • At the completion of the session, both the therapist and the client must wear a mask to exit.

  • Therapist finishes appointment at 50 minutes to provide time for wipe-down protocols

  • Therapist exits room before client and asks client to follow at safe distance

  • Therapist opens front door and walks outside to hold door at safe distance for exiting client.

  • If upstairs (since several doors are passed through, therapist props all doors open upon exit, keep doors open for exiting client and entry of next client).