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Arbour Subsidy Program


We understand that counselling is expensive, and we want to do our part to contribute to affordable counselling services while also maintaining a well-trained and professional clinical and support staff.  We base our standard rate on the BCACC-recommended market rates for Greater Victoria, but we also have a program to help make counselling a little more accessible.  Arbour Subsidies are 12-session packages of reduced-fee appointments that each therapist reserves for a portion of their practice to offer to clients who demonstrate financial need.

Our subsidies offer a discount of between $10 and $50 per session for up to 12 sessions and are available for clients that do not have extended benefits for counselling (or have exhausted their plan for the year) and are part of households with combined income of less than $90,000/year. 


We use a couple basic criteria for granting subsidies:

  • You do not have an extended benefit plan that will cover the cost of counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor, or you have exhausted your benefit for the calendar year.  If you are still using your benefits, please apply once they are fully utilized.

  • We identify financial need using your gross annual household income as a guideline.  Please click here for clarifying details, and if your Income Figure falls below below $90,000 you may be eligible for a subsidy.  Refer to the chart below to identify our typical subsidy amounts.

under $50,000
$150 minus
$100 + GST
$50,000 - $59,999
$150 minus
$110 + GST
$60,000 - $69,999
$150 minus
$120 + GST
$70,000 - $79,999
$150 minus
$130 + GST
$80,000 - $89,999
$150 minus
$140 + GST
  • Subsidies expire after 12 sessions or at the end of the calendar year, whichever is first.  They are renewable/extendable if you are actively engaged in counselling, at the approval of your therapist. 


Complete our inquiry form and mark the box that indicates you would like to apply for an Arbour Subsidy, then complete the application and press Submit.

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