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Arbour Counselling Centre in Victoria B.C.

I began working at Arbour Counselling Centre in the fall of 2018. Arbour has had a presence in Victoria B.C. since 2006 and through that time has become recognized for the quality care that it offers in counselling. What sets Arbour apart is the collaborative group of professional therapists that counsel in the centre.

Every two weeks our therapists gather to support each other and share what is challenging and effective in their work. These times contribute to the knowledge and expertise of the whole group and help each of us maintain an awareness of other ways of working with different ages and kinds of clients.

Arbour has seven different therapists who work in the centre and bring their own experience and knowledge to help their clients through different challenges. Through the centre we see individuals, couples, children and youth, and families. We use a variety of approaches including: play therapy, art, narrative, family-systems, cognitive behavioural therapy, and emotion-focused therapy.

As counsellors we try to think about how people are integrated into their families, work environments, and a greater society that affects how they approach different problems. We work with people to unpack the various factors that may be contributing to these problems and how the whole system might be considered in addressing the problem.

It is an exciting time to join with a group that looks forward to making a difference in people's lives and sharing their knowledge with each other.

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